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WA Bos Semi Trailer Equipment has become members of PICA WA (Petroleum Industry Contractors Association of Western Australia). The organisation is a collection of members of the petroleum industry focused on delivering high quality services in line with a strict code of ethics.

A yellow outline of Western Australia covered with black text "PICA WA" and surrounded by a black ring bearing with white text: "Petroleum Industry Contractors Association"
"It would be silly not to take advantage of an organisation such as PICA WA who are assisting industry members with professional advice and training through publication of guidance notes and monthly member meetings." ~ Calvin Ridley (General Manager)

PICA WA have provided technical guidance to the petroleum industry since the organisation was founded in 1993. This has included their Guidance Note 716: Technician Training for Maintenance, Pressure Testing & Repair of Petroleum Tankers which is a best practice guide adopted by WA BOS. More information about PICA WA can be found on their website.

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