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WA BOS Welcomes Gossage Transport

WA BOS has recently secured the servicing and maintenance of Gossage Transport fleet of brick trailers, which any new business is very much appreciated. Not to mention opportunity to build a long lasting working relationship is an added bonus.

The team at Gossage Transport have been looking at expanding their fleet due to growth in business through suppling their customers great service, and fortunately WA BOS was given the order to build a new 5 axle R/T Dog Trailer.

Like any new custom build the challenge is to deliver a WA BOS product which meets the customers current design and expectation from previous builds. We thank Gary and Darryl for their support in working with our production team to ensure the finer points are achieved and the end result is the trailer must be fit for purpose.

Once again we thank the team at Gossage Transport for their support and business.

If you require new road transport equipment, remember WA BOS Semi Trailer Equipment Pty Ltd can assist you with custom built to last trailers and dollies, please ring our office on 08 9250 1773 for further assistance.


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