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WA BOS has all the resources required to assist you with your transport needs with over 30 years experience and a team of highly qualified and specialised staff including an engineering team, design team, service & repair team and sales specialists.
WA BOS are located in Bellevue in Perth where our repair and manufacturing plant is located.  Our entire team operates from the one location including sales, servicing, repairs & parts departments.  Our team delivers licensed and ready to use vehicles and can also provide assistance with vehicle licensing approvals.
Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • General freight on highway road transport

  • Bitumen transport

  • Sensitive & dangerous goods transport

  • Mining equipment

  • Refrigerated transport

  • Over dimensional freight

  • Transport project development


The requirements of Australian Standards ISO9001 form the basis of WA BOS Semi Trailer Equipment's quality assurance system.  This system defines our operating procedures to ensure that our customer and regulatory requirements are met and through this we achieve consistent control and maintain an environment conducive to a philosophy of continued improvement.

Fundamental to all work performed by WA BOS Semi Trailer Equipment is the assurance of product and service quality prior to delivery and at handover.  In this sense, we ensure that all products must therefore be suitable for their intended purpose and be in conformity with agreed specifications, standards and controls.

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